Brestovitsa winery

BRESTOVITSA WINERY is situated  in the south-west of Plovdiv, 17 kms away from the city, in the fruitful Thracian lowlands, a land famous for the making of the divine drink throughout its thousand year old history.

The winery was built in the late 30`s of the last century designed by French engineers. It is a classic example of a French above ground cellar with a total capacity of 4,000,000 liters.

The wine-cellar processes excellent hand-picked grapes, which ferment according to the classical technology for high-quality wines.

Strict hygiene procedures and quality control is present at every stage of the production, in order to preserve the distinct flavour of ripe berries which are  typical for the region.

Brestovitsa winemaking co-operative originated back in 1908 in the  Thracian Valley. In the late 1930s the cooperative upgraded into a winery and built the classic French aboveground cellar model.

Currently the winery’s annual production capacity comes to 4,000,000 liters of wine which makes it a recognized and reliable winemaker on the local market.

It is a policy of Brestovitsa Winery to preserve ardently the inherited traditions giving priority to the single-blended wines and cuvees with indigenous Bulgarian grape varieties like Mavrud, Pamid and Rubin. These grapes offer a new experience in their own right and are interesting grapes to blend with international varieties. This policy has proved to be quite successful seeing the numerous awards from prestigious contests these wines have won through the years.


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