Tarator an excellent cold soup Tarator is a Bulgarian cold cucumber soup is made with yogurt, walnuts and dill. This is a no-cook refreshing summer offering that also can be left thicker and served as a dip. How to prepare an excellent tarator? Ingredients: 2 cucumbers(about 5-6 inches long), grated or finely chopped 1 garlic...
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Shopska salad  Shopska Salad is the most popular Bulgarian starter. Despite the fact that the recipe originates from the region of the capital – Sofia, this salad is prepared in the entire country. Shopska Salad is exceptionally popular among foreign guests of the country. This is due to the fresh tomatoes and the organic vegetables, as well as the...
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Bulgarian bean soup recipe
How to cook delicious Bulgarian bean soup? Bean soup is a Bulgarian staple. It is an excellent vegetarian dish but it can also be spiced up with some sausages. Bean soup in Bulgaria is a “national” dish. Most popular is the Monastery Version which is totally vegetarian.  Ingredients for Bulgarian bean soup: ½ kg  dried  beans, soaked...
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