bessa valley winery
Bessa Valley Winery  The soil is the source of all great wine. This concept, paramount, is defined as the complex interaction between soils and climates. This same concept has naturally led us to Bessa Valley. Located about 150 km southeast of Sofia, near Plovdiv, the terroir of Bessa Valley is mbased on clay and limestone...
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Vila Melnik Winery is open for wine tours and tastings every day. Our friendly tour guides will take you on a journey through our production facilities and lead a professional wine tasting for you. We speak English, Russian, Spanish and Greek Our tasting room has one of the best views in the region You will...
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Zagreus winery
Zagreus winery is a modern complex with fully completed cycle for production beginning with the grape and finishing with a bottle of wine. It is equipped with up-to-date fermentation machinery that allows optimization and control over the processes of vinification, ripening, stabilization and bottling. The laboratory is equipped with modern appliances allowing precise mechanical, chemical...
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BRESTOVITSA WINERY is situated  in the south-west of Plovdiv, 17 kms away from the city, in the fruitful Thracian lowlands, a land famous for the making of the divine drink throughout its thousand year old history. The winery was built in the late 30`s of the last century designed by French engineers. It is a...
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 Katarzhina winery Our Winemaking Philosophy “The wine is made in the vineyards. We are just taking care of it, while it is in our cellar.” Our goal is by using traditional winemaking techniques to manifest the uniqueness of our vineyard, its terroir and to make wines, which carry the elegancy and refinement of “ The...
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