Etar the first open air museum in Bulgaria

The Ethnographic museum Etar is the first open air museum in Bulgaria.. It was established on September 7th, 1964. The museum is situated 8 km South of the town of Gabrovo.

The Etar museum territory covers an area of 7 ha and comprises 50 sites – water technical equipment, houses with craftsman’s workshops, places with social importance. The aim of the museum display is showing the architecture, the life style and the economic past of Gabrovo region during the Revival period – the second half of 18 and the 19 centuries. More than 26 main crafts were developed in the town and the goods were sold in different parts of the country and in the region – Bucharest, Vienna, Marseille, Anatolia and other.

During the 30-ies of the 19th century under the favourable economic and political changes in the Ottoman empire Gabrovo grew as an important economic, educational and commercial center in the country.

The Ethnographic museum Etar was build and organized by means of three methods; on site restoration; on site preservation; transportation of originals and restoration of buildings.

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